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Selection Process

  • First Contact: 3rd May 2021

  • Final Confirmation: 25th December 2021

  • Chosen from 40 possible locations

  • Considered several hundred criteria

    • Ideal Location
    • Robust, Extensive Infrastructure
    • Favourable Regulatory Environment
    • Ability to Attract and Develop Skilled, Diverse Talent
    • Long History as a Manufacturing Powerhouse

Intel Ohio Manufacturing Site

  • Location: New Albany, Ohio

  • First New Intel Manufacturing Site in 40 Years

  • One of the Largest (Semiconductor) Manufacturing Sites in the World

  • Foundry for Everyone [Available as part of Intel Foundry Services]


  • Start: No later than end of 2022

  • Completion: 2025

  • Construction Jobs: 7000

  • 35000 Tons of Structural Steel (5x Weight of Eiffel Tower)

  • Cleanrooms as Large as 4 American Football Fields

    • Can hold up to 1200 Advanced Multi-Million Dollar Chipmaking Tools

Site Details

  • 1000 Acres
  • Up to 8 Fabs over its lifetime


  • First Two Fabs: US$20 Billion
    • Largest-ever Private Sector Investment in Ohio
    • For every 6 cents Ohio pays, Intel pays 1 dollar
  • Up to US$100 Billion over the next decade
    • CHIPS Act essential to maintaining pace


  • Intel 18A and below


  • High-Tech Jobs: 3000
  • Average Salary: US$ 135000
  • Indirect Local Jobs: 10000


  • Electricity: 100% Renewable
  • Water: Net-Positive Usage
  • Waste: Zero Total to Landfills

Other Statistics/Information

  • Full site will have cleanrooms with a total area of fill 30 (American) Football fields [39.67 Acres]
  • Full site can produce millions of chips a day
  • Building a manufacturing site is like building a small city

Intel Manufacturing History

  • Helped to put Silicon in Silicon Valley
  • Long History of Silicon |X|:
    • Oregon: Silicon Forest
    • Arizona: Silicon Desert
    • Ireland: Silicon Isle
    • Israel: Silicon Oasis
    • Ohio: Silicon Heartland (NEW)

Supply Chain

  • At least 140 Local Ohio Suppliers
  • 25-40 New Companies expected to call Ohio home

Other Semiconductor Operations

  • Companies to Establish Operations in Ohio
    • Air Products
    • Applied Materials
    • LAM Research
    • Ultra Clean Technology

Research & Education

  • Investment of US$100M with Ohio Universities, state colleges and National Science Foundation over the next decade
  • Develop and Attract Skilled, Diverse Talent
  • Bolster Research Programmes

Ohio State University

  • Partnership with the following on training faculty and developing curriculum to prepare the workforce for the semiconductor industry

    • Ohio Department of Higher Education
    • Chancellor Randy Gardner
    • 14 State Universities
    • 74 Private Universities
    • 24 Regional Campuses
    • 23 Community Colleges
    • 52 Technical Centers
  • Prepared to produce engineers, scientists and business professionals needed

  • Recently launched a bachelor of science degree in engineering technology with a concentration on manufacturing technology at regional campuses

Columbus State Community College

  • Prepared to teach technicians and operators

Other Statistics

  • ~37000 Intel Manufacturing Employees Worldwide